• We Manufacture All Types of Evaporative Systems

    We at Alaquanic are focused on designing and engineering of processes and equipment along with its automation ensuring the highest level of energy efficiencies. With over two decades of experience in the industry, we use the highest standard with the best materials to manufacture our products and always be avant-garde in trends, supplies, and services. Using our experience and industry knowledge over time we have gained the highest reputation within the industry for exceeding customer’s satisfaction.

    Our Evaporators low temperature have the capability for utilization of exhaust systems and low-grade vapors. These evaporators can reduce the front end pressure & steam consumption; it can also reduce the heat load of cooling and condensing systems and can enhance the power production or efficiency of power turbines all due to lowering the exhaust stream pressure. These are made upon modular & expandable design, are easy to transport & erect, doesn’t require cleaning and requires a smaller footprint.

    We Manufacture All Types of Evaporative Systems

    In our product portfolio, we also have Evaporators forced circulation which is suitable for processing liquors which are susceptible to scaling or crystallizing which in later effects the evaporative stations. This evaporator can improve circulation with least friction losses at entry & exit; it can create high heat transfer area, can create circulation rate to a greater extent and it can it is manufactured to supply good extended life and require low maintenance.

    With the thermal recompression evaporators it uses a thermos compressor that can be used to reduce the steam required in evaporation and it can also reduce the energy consumption when water vapor from an evaporator is compressed than with the high-pressure steam in the thermos compressor, it can be condensed in the evaporator heat exchanger. Mainly this evaporator can improve the steam economy for a moderate capital expenditure which is less than that for the additional effect.

    We Manufacture All Types of Evaporative Systems

    So if you’re interested in our Evaporators - thermal recompression or any other evaporative equipment for your enterprise, then to inquire about our products you can contact us via our website at:-




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